Saturday, May 3, 2014

Retail Therapy in Downtown LA

Earlier today, I took my heatfreehair and Ruby Woo lipstick out to downtown LA and got into some heavy duty shopping. I found some GREAT summer time tops and a pair of high waisted black pants. More pics soon to come!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Color Me Pretty - HeatFreeHair

This past weekend, I decided to play around with a little (emphasis on little) color. And as the color gods would have it, the process was a complete disaster! I ended up cutting out a good portion of the color. 

After about two dye jobs and a few snips here and there, I landed on the results above. I think I love it! It's nothing too drastic and I can go to work without getting those strange "What is that on her head!" stares. Perfecto!

My "Do you really expect me to work on a Monday" face. 
Ain't nobody gots time for that!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Debut of My HeatFreeHair Curls

I did it! 
Last week, I ditched my signature 26 inches of Cambodian hair and traded them in for 12 inches of kinky-haired goodness. 

This is what the hair looked like after it was installed and blow-dried "straight". The hair is crazy soft and it looks like it's growing right out of my scalp.

Soon after straightening the hair, I took the scissors to it and chopped it down to about 8 - 10 inches. Eeek! I freaked out a bit at first. Especially as I stared at the pieces of hair chilling on the floor of my bedroom. Once I convinced myself that I could not glue them back on, I moved on with my life.

I took a 1 inch curling wand to my hair to achieve the full curly look.

Hair Specs :
Company :
Pattern : For Koils
Length : 12 - 14 inches
Ounces : 8

Some random videos :

Oh. And I got accepted into USC! Yay me!

Birthday Celebrating with Style

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my sistah-from-another-mother's 30th birthday party.

I decided to show a bit of skin for the occasion.

Nigeria's finest

Birthday cake was off the hook! Had a great time!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Breeny Rose Lee - Hair Inspiration

If you're not following Breenylee on Instagram, gently smack yourself, then head on over to : and hit that follow button. For those who have the IG app, you can simply search for "Breenylee" and then follow. This chick is crazy beautiful and her hair is always on point!

Now on to the point of this post. I am long overdue for a hairstyle change! I recently purchased some hair (ForKoils) from This is my first big hair purchase since Arjuni so I'm a little nervous. 

Here's what the hair looked like fresh out of the bag (I combed through if a bit) :

I also purchased a closure from some random vendor on Ali Express (prays to the hair gods that it doesn't shed like a cancerous kitten) : 

Here's the hair post-wash :

I'm hopeful that these two products will help me recreate the lovely Breenylee's hairstyle. I'm still on the fence about coloring the hair. I've just never really done colored hair before so I'm a bit terrified. 

My goal is to recreate the hairstyle this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for Mama Onye!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Little Fun in the San Diego Sun

I took a trip to San Diego this past weekend to help celebrate my friend's birthday. We visited the beach, watched a movie, grabbed a bite to eat and had a mini photo shoot in a random parking lot. 

Hair Specs

Company :
Pattern : Curly D
Lengths : 8 – 18 inches
Luster : Low (top), Medium
Ounces : Too many

Say Hello To Spring with Straight Tresses

After two hours and a whole lot of flat ironing, I am thrilled to debut my straightened tresses. I RARELY ever straighten my hair, but I think I could used to this hair style!

MAC Heroine Lipstick + Arjuni Wavy Hair Extensions

If you haven’t noticed, I have a strange obsession with purple lipsticks. I think I’ve purchased over five different shades (although my best friend thinks they all look the same) in the past month. I can’t help it! Purple shades tend to look really good on my skin tone.
Thus far, MAC’s Rebel has been my favorite. However, I recently picked up Heroine, which is a moderately bright, matte purple lipstick. It’s slowly becoming one of my favorites!

Hair Specs
Company :
Pattern : Wavy B + Wavy C (straightened)
Lengths : 12 – 24 inches
Luster : Medium
Ounces : Too many to count but about 12

Friday, January 24, 2014

Arjuni Wavy C Hair Extensions

These are, by far, my favorite hair extensions from Arjuni. The hair is super duper low luster and still straightens (and curls) like a dream. 


Pattern : Wavy C
Luster : Low
Lengths : 16 - 20 inches
Color : Dark Brown (1b)
Ounces : 9

Monday, December 9, 2013

Rainy Days Call for Curly Hair

It is getting really cold in Los Angeles. And I’m not talking about that 60 degrees type “cold” that east coasters call summer. It is LITERALLY 39 degrees right now! I can neither cope nor comprehend!

In the interest of staying warm this winter season, I’ve been wearing my Arjuni Curly D hair extensions. Check out that ear coverage!
My only concern with this hair style is that, Corporate America might think it’s “a bit much”. To that I say : “Screw you! I’m cold!”

Hair Extension Specifications :
Company :
Pattern : Curly D
Lengths : 8 – 18 inches
Luster : Low (top), Medium
Ounces : Too many