Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Breeny Rose Lee - Hair Inspiration

If you're not following Breenylee on Instagram, gently smack yourself, then head on over to : and hit that follow button. For those who have the IG app, you can simply search for "Breenylee" and then follow. This chick is crazy beautiful and her hair is always on point!

Now on to the point of this post. I am long overdue for a hairstyle change! I recently purchased some hair (ForKoils) from This is my first big hair purchase since Arjuni so I'm a little nervous. 

Here's what the hair looked like fresh out of the bag (I combed through if a bit) :

I also purchased a closure from some random vendor on Ali Express (prays to the hair gods that it doesn't shed like a cancerous kitten) : 

Here's the hair post-wash :

I'm hopeful that these two products will help me recreate the lovely Breenylee's hairstyle. I'm still on the fence about coloring the hair. I've just never really done colored hair before so I'm a bit terrified. 

My goal is to recreate the hairstyle this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for Mama Onye!

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