Monday, March 8, 2010

The Big Reveal!

Memo: Please excuse my early morning face in some of these photos...This is ALL about the hair ok lol.
So yea, these curls are absolutely magnificent! And I didn't come near this one with scissors. I learned my lesson from the last time.
I did end up straightening the hair last night, just to see how it looked. The hair straightens like a DREAM!!
All-in-all, I really like the hair. I did order a few more ounces in order to fill in the top a lil more.


  1. lol when your done with it mail it this way lmaoo :D

  2. ur hair looks SO GOOD & you are pretty.

  3. i like the second way alot. but its cute!

  4. BOOYAH! These curls GOT IT! Please tell me what kind of hair this is (don't really feel like diggin' through your old posts, lol).


  5. Thanks everyone! I'm in love with this one right HERE! lol

    Ms. Anonymous - shoot me an email

  6. I like both. It all depends on where your going. The first style is more funky for night life and the second style is more of an everyday look...iono