Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bday "Surprise"

1st shot of the night!

Co-party planner :)

SO over the past few weeks, I was planning this surprise bday dinner for my bf. So Friday comes, and I get to his house late to pick him up....then he's taking FOREVER to get ready (by this time we're 30 minutes late for the reservation!), then we finally leave his darn house and get to the restaurant and find a parking spot....I reach in the back to put on my heels...aaaaaand, I only had ONEEEEEEEEEE!! I left the other one at his house...grrrrrr!! So we had to drive back to his house, and get my other shoe. The whole time I"m freaking out, because I know everyone is at the restaurant waiting on us.

So we finally, head back to the restaurant, and walk in, and everyone yells "Surprise!"

This fool was HARDLY surprised!! Come to find out, his mom had ALREADY hinted to him that something was going down.....*shakes head*...ALL my efforts..DOWN THE DRAIN lol. But oh well, we all had a good time.

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  1. LOL, aww, don't you hate when that happens? At least it was a nice turn out, you all looked very nice! Glad everything went well.