Monday, September 13, 2010

Guidance Through Fortune Cookies

You guys....I do NOT believe in superstitions and fortunes and all that far out stuff.....but over the past few weeks, I've been collecting the little fortunes that I find inside of my fortune cookies. I started collecting them because of this first one that i got:

I got this one...literally a day before the owner of Arjuni contacted me about working for her and moving to Cambodia. I was completely WEIRDED out!! Because up until that point, I was workign at a Law Office and working on completing my Masters Program in Psychology

A few days later I got this next one:

Weeks later, I got this one and this was around the time that I was stressing out about making a decision!

I then got this one, and this was after I had made my decision and I told myself that this would be an amazing learning/growing experience

I just got this one today

First thing.....OMG I eat alot of Chinese food!!!
Second bf and sister think I'm reading too much into these things
Third I crazy!?!!?
...I dont know...I may be crazy...but until they strap me down and carry me away to the mad house, I'll be carrying these little fortunes with me in my wallet :)

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  1. I don't think you're crazy. I got a fortune that read: "Let the spirit of adventure lead you" at a time when my husband and I had been discussing making 2011 our "year of travel". Fortune meanings can really be applied to tons of areas of your life, but bottomline - - I believe that everything happens for a reason. Keep those little words of encouragement close to you as you start the journey on your new chapter.