Sunday, November 21, 2010

Congratulations on the Marriage Mrs. Omole!

One of the down sides of living half way across the world is that I miss out on EVERYTHING....and that includes seeing my family and friends get married :(

This weekend my boyfriends sister celebrated her traditional wedding....Since I was not able to make it, I put up pictures of my sister, and I'm pretending like that was me.....*sad* lol
My sister breaking it down every chance she gets

My sisters

My godsister and cousin goofing around

The lovely couple

My lover Tracy. Love this picture of her!

Like Wale said...Money on the floor..spray it spray it

The Amuchie's and Omole's

That face was BEAT child! Gorgeous

My sissy poos

The girls

Missing out is NO fun!! But i'll be there next year for the White Wedding!

I'm sure this song got played that night. Love it!


  1. It seemed so beautiful, That's exactly why I want to have a traditional wedding also. Sorry that you missed it

  2. sorry u missed it...looked like a fab wedding...ur sisters are gawjus

  3. Beautiful wedding! I love the print on the bridesmaids dresses.