Friday, December 24, 2010

Look What I Found in Cambodia!

Funny story.......

After a LONG day at work, Tiyana and I headed to this Vietnamese restaurant...where, as of late, we've been encountering some STRAIGHT UP randomness. For example, one day we met this Australian dude who was telling us about how he married this Cambodian woman who turned out to be a prostitute
Long story short.....she had his baby....took his money...and left him cold lol.

Anywho, the other day we were eating dinner, and in walks this dude *pictured above*....
Let me provide some back story....
Majority of the Cambodian men and women we've seen have been REALLY petite...I mean REALLY petite lol.
So when I saw this guy walk in, my mouth just dropped on the floor in shock, and I said.

"Tiyana, do you see  him!? Look how big he is!!"

We're so used to being the only ones that speak English so I made this statement out loud! And out of no where I hear :

"You know....we understand English?"

Lesson Learned indeed.


  1. Which way to the gun show? lol.... Happy Holidays :)

  2. LOL!! Happy Holidays to you as well!

  3. Why does ur blog get way more stories than i get? ShadE!! I guess Im dating your blog now . . .

  4. ^^Because you don't like to talk to me.....loser!

  5. Cuz when I ask you what you did today, you reply "nothing". . . Your blog on the other hand gets the life story. .