Saturday, January 8, 2011

Onye In Cambodia

Enjoying the breeze......warm.....but still breezy

Visal - He was my tuktuk driver for the day. We have a love-hate relationship.
He's so bizarre sometimes and somewhat stalkerish...but his English is pretty on point.

Out here, you're never too young to ride on a motorbike. 
We've seen it all I promise you. 
I've seen an infant being carried on one of these things. 
I've seen about 6 people riding on ONE motorbike at the same time.
 It's very interesting I'll say that.
My first experience on a motor bike involved me screaming
for my life all the way home...*cough* I've since gotten better.
These apartments (?) are down the street from where I live. I'm actually amazed at how they're still standing straight. They look like they're liable to collapse over a small gust of wind. 


  1. It looks like someone took a knife and sliced the back of that building off!! My God... that's crazy looking.

  2. Ha! Girl you just cracked me up! It's definitely a sight to see