Monday, March 28, 2011

Kanayo Ebi's Spotlight of The Week!

Great News!
The ever so lovely, Ms. Kanayo Ebi has featured me on her blog as the "Spotlight of the Week"!

Kanayo is the creative mind behind the stylings of Angela and Vanessa Simmons, to name a few. After speaking with her, I've learned that she is so sweet and genuinely kind! Very refreshing!

I truly appreciate her for shining the light on little ol me, and I hope that you all will swing by her blog and show her some LOVE!
Make a splash on her page by clicking this link :

Below are the photos that didn't make the cut. Hope you enjoy ;-)

Photos taken by my lovely roommate, Tiyana! Major props to her ;-)


  1. your so frigging amazing and gorgeous!
    I need your hair!

  2. Love that orange on look amazing and the hair is so beautiful!