Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dang...Long Time No Blog!!'s been quiiiiite some time! 
I'm not even going to make any excuses, I definitely did fall off the wagon a bit.
I started cheating with tumblr, and then that relationship hit a sour patch
...and so I tried to get back in to blogspot, but I discovered that my internet provider
was blocking the site..... 0_o

I randomly decided to check again today...and it worked!

So I'm back up in this thang!
Did ya miss me? Lol (*You don't have to answer)

Here's a brief update ...via photos of course ;-)
Bought some cool new glasses...

Created a "True Life : I'm a Weave-A-Holic Tag" on YouTube. Check it out : 

I got a pimple....I get a new one everyday it seems :-(

I rocked my signature swoop ;-)

I rocked out a bit

I went really short

I pressed out my Curly C...and that lasted all of 2 seconds

I did a lot of thinking...

I played around with my Ipad camera

I went natural for a night....literally a night.

 I brought SashaTooFierce out to play!

...the end...for now!


  1. Your hair styles are pretty awesome :D love your blog

  2. LOL i love your update...and your hairstyles are fly as usual : )

  3. Thank you ladies! Feels great to be back ;-)

  4. I need every one of those styles!