Friday, July 29, 2011

I Think My Sister Has Found Her Dream Hair!

My sister recently transitioned from wearing Beauty Supply Store hair
to wearing "virgin" hair. So far, she hasn't had very much luck in finding
great quality hair that is affordable.

So I did my sisterly duty and introduced her to Arjuni.
Here's my sissy-poo (on the right lol) : 

Here's the blend that we created for her : 

(dry) Look at those waves!!

The entire blend.

Close up of the loose curls

..and another.

She's going to love it!
I'll be back with pics of the install once I get back to LA!


  1. omg yall look just a like! love the hair dry

  2. very pretty! can't wait to see the install.

  3. How awesome to have a sister that not only works for Arjuni, but can do a great install for you!! Lucky...

  4. Thanks ladies!

    South Loop Social Light : She says that I owe her for all the "life advice" she's given me -_- lol.

  5. This hair is gorgeous!!!! I want this hair..what are the specs of this hair if I wanted to order it from Arjuni?

  6. Specifications are as follows :

    Pattern : Wavy B
    Ounces : 8.6 + Closure
    Lengths : 14 - 20in
    Color : Natural Dark Brown
    Luster : Medium