Thursday, August 11, 2011

H&M and Forever 21 Haul

Ya'll...I haven't been shopping in 11 months!
I was overdue for some retail therapy, so
I hit up H&M and Forever 21 and lost my little mind.
I bought these cuties for my feet.

Super comfy! (Oopsie. It's a bit twisted)

Saw this cute little blue blazer and HAD to have it. 
The camera made the color look a bit funky.

I just realized that this midriff shirt is a size 12 -_-
But it works!!

OMG! I saw this dress on one of the mannequins and I was
immediately sold!
Love the color.

This one is a poncho type sweater thing. 
My bf said I look like Jesus when I wear it -_-


Shirt/dress (Depending on the weather)


I think I'm done with shopping....for now heheehe. I needed that therapy!

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