Saturday, February 4, 2012

How To Achieve Big Bouncy Curls

Today I'll be creating big and bouncy curls using my Curly B hair extensions.

I typically use a flat iron for this style....
but these Cambodian sockets blew mine out a few weeks ago.
I was pretty saddened by that lol. But a curling iron can do the trick just the same.

Check out my step by step picture tutorial below : 

Here are my hair extensions installed on a wig.

I always use my handy-dandy Denman brush to straighten the hair a bit.

Lol. As you can see those curls are resilient! 

Items Needed :
Curling iron
Bobby pins
Mannequin head (if extensions are installed on a wig)
*laughing* the hot comb is just being used as a stand.

Step 1 : (If hair is installed on your head, skip to Step 2)
Place wig on mannequin head.

Step 2 : Divide hair into sections. I've divided mine into two large parts. 
However, you can do as many as you'd like.

Step 3 : Section off a small portion of hair for curling.
I'm trying to achieve big bouncy curls. As such, I'm
taking pretty large chunks of hair at a time.

Step 4 : Brush the section and curl.

You should get a curl similar to the one shown above.

Step 5 : Collapse the curl upon itself.

Step 6 : Twirl the curl until you've reached the top.

Step 7 : Secure with a bobby pin. 

Step 8 : Repeat Steps 3 - 7 for the remaining hair.

Remember that this does not have to be perfect. 

Step 9 : Tie the hair down using a scarf.

I'm leaving the scarf on overnight. However, you
can choose to leave it on for 10 mins, an hour...or 10 weeks.
It's all up to you!

I'll be back tomorrow with the final results!
Stay tuned.



  1. do you style all you hair this way, Have it sewn on the hair net first/wig form? Is it easier to sew the hair onto the hair net THEN sew the net onto your hair rather than the typical sew-in fashion??

  2. I personally sew all of my hair onto a net first. I prefer this method because I'm working on growing out my natural hair. So I have to wash and condition it often. That's really the only reason that I do it that way lol.