Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful...LA Girl!

Oh how I've missed Los Angeles!

Throughout my time in Cambodia, I was CRAVING
an LA snapback. Don't ask me why...I just wanted one *pouts*
So yesterday, I headed to the mall with my bestie
on a search to find one.

We found this athletic store inside of the Carson Mall...
aka The Worst Mall In The World (<_<).
They didn't have an LA snapback, so I had two options :

1. Purchase an SF or Oak snapback.
2. Purchase an LA fitted cap.
*sigh*...I didn't want to do the fitted cap because *looks down in shame*
my head is LARGE lol...and my hair is even larger!
But I ended up getting it, and it worked out perfectly!

It will be making a cameo in my next video,
so stay tuned!

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