Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Debut of My HeatFreeHair Curls

I did it! 
Last week, I ditched my signature 26 inches of Cambodian hair and traded them in for 12 inches of kinky-haired goodness. 

This is what the hair looked like after it was installed and blow-dried "straight". The hair is crazy soft and it looks like it's growing right out of my scalp.

Soon after straightening the hair, I took the scissors to it and chopped it down to about 8 - 10 inches. Eeek! I freaked out a bit at first. Especially as I stared at the pieces of hair chilling on the floor of my bedroom. Once I convinced myself that I could not glue them back on, I moved on with my life.

I took a 1 inch curling wand to my hair to achieve the full curly look.

Hair Specs :
Company :
Pattern : For Koils
Length : 12 - 14 inches
Ounces : 8

Some random videos :

Oh. And I got accepted into USC! Yay me!

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