Friday, August 27, 2010

A Few Pics I've Taken.....

The pigeons outside of my window keep me entertained for some odd reason!

I took a picture of my dead plant....hoping that my camera would be able to make it look more lively....#FAIL!
Here's my hand hehehe

View from outside my apartment window

My job is like a mini jungle, so there's always some sort of plant to take a picture of.
View from outside my work window.

Lol, these were just random things that I snapped pics of just to test the camera out. I'm on the hunt to find things to take pictures of lol. That will be my mission this weekend :)


  1. So far, what are your thoughts about the camera?

  2. So far, I really don't know what the heck I'm doing lol. I'm still going through the manual and learning different things. The picture quality is pretty great. I just haven't really had anything to take a picture of yet lol. The video quality is not AS great as the pictures but it def gets the job done. I think I have to learn how to use the phone to its full capacity in order to REALLY get my money's worth. I'll do a FULL review for ya, once I get the hang of things