Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trying On Bridesmaid Dresses

This first red dress was the one that the bride originally wanted to go with. But once we tried them on, she decided against it lol.
...hell no...I have a chest like a 2 year old turtle in that dress!!

...Too big, but the design is ok
Also, too big and off centered, but I'm kinda feeling the design...a little
I REALLY liked this red one, because it gave me at least a LIL shape lol
These are plain...but could work

....mmmmmmmm i don't know about this red one
I REALLY liked this pink color on me, but the bride wants red

I like this black dress...simple yet elegant
There was a too much sparkle going on with this green number
This purple....uh uh...I look like someone's bootleg princess
This last one I liked due to the back of it.

My favorites are #'s 5,8,9 and the last one! How about you guys? Are any of these dresses speaking to you?! lol

ETA: These are old  pics, not taken with my new camera ;-)


  1. give me your hair please!
    thanks :D

  2. i love the last one....the blue one.Its tslking to me, saying;"Yemi im here".lol

  3. I like the plain ones and the last one... I'm in a wedding in Oct and luckily was able to get a black, strapless cocktail dress chosen by the bride. Thankfully this is something we'll be able to wear in the future... but it seems like most bridesmaids dresses are either flat out ugly, lack any type of fit, or suffer from boredom. Why not just forgo the bridal party in the first place.