Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Cambodian Photoshoot

My bf used to hate when i wore my hair like this...but I've always loved it...and he's not here...sooooooo went down! lol


  1. cute! how do you sew your hair-circle pattern to the top? just curious since I dont see any parts which is great (Im natural so hate fussing with leave out).

  2. Hey Onye!!! We miss you on Youtube! I hope all is well over there! The hair still looks wonderful... as usual... *rollseyes* Lol joking! I have a question, i don't know if you can tell me this. But, i'm going to do a order on Skype and wanted my hair to look exactly like yours! How many ounces should I get in inches? I have the Indique closure too :)