Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Canon Cameras Are the Best!

Canon EOS Rebel T2i (LOVE IT!)

Canon PowerShot SD780 IS:

I *heart* both of these cameras. I think Canon has got the camera game on lock right now.

If I could, I'd just use my T2i....but it's a little too large to be an everyday camera, and out here in Cambodia I'd be an easy target for a drive by thief.....seriously lol. I've already been warned one too many times! The camera takes amazing pictures, and they are made even more beautiful when I play around with them on iphoto.

If I know that I am going somewhere special, I'll bring along the T2i, but on an everyday basis, I carry my Canon PowerShot along for the ride. It takes awesome pictures as well, not as superb as the T2i, but great none the less.

The combination of the two of these cameras makes me a picture taking machine!!
Watch out now!


  1. Yes yes! I own one too and a year on, no complaints!

  2. hey iphy...did u have to buy lens as well?

  3. Sisi - It actually came with a VERY basic lens lol