Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cambodian Finds

It's no secret....I'm addicted to shopping. I would drop some serious cash shopping in the states!
The beauty of shopping in Cambodia is that EVERYTHING is so cheap....and those 
cheap prices are QUITE negotiable lol.
This is how the convo usually goes...

Me : How much is this?
Vendor : $10, but $9 for you
Me : $9!!!! I'll give you $5
Vendor : $ no
Me :  Ok.....bye *walks away
Vendor : "Ok ok...I give you for $5
Me :    :D

Homechick was tryna hustle me out of $11 for these jeans...I said no ma'am! And she had the audacity to tell me that they're one size fits all 0_o.....and I get home and I can BARELY get these things over my ankles lol.

...can't breathe

Lol, I just bought this shirt because I need some shirts to work in. When I got home,
I noticed what it said on the back and fell in LOVE lol.


Lol, these little critters are EVERYWHERE in Cambodia.....literally. It's only right to have one on my shirt.

Got a lil too fancy in my room lol

I LOVE this necklace so much. I have no clue where I'd wear it, but it's GON GET WORN!
It's made out of coconut! So resourceful lol, cuz coconuts are EVERYWHERE as well.

Tis all!


  1. You are so pretty...I love that black top

  2. You make me wanna work out! LOL
    Great finds :)

  3. super cute! i love the crop top...ur ass doesn't wear stuff like likey!!!

  4. Cambodia is looking great on you!