Friday, December 17, 2010

Hair Styling In Cambodia

It's been far too hot at work to wear my hair any other way than in a braid.
Whenever I where my hair down, the heat just consumes me and I just cant have that in my life! This one sided braid still attracts a bit of heat to that left shoulder lol, but it's better than setting my back on fire.
I've been tempted to do the two pig tails.....but I'm sure that would make me look like an overgrown 5th grader :(


  1. I think the braid is cute. How has life been in Cambodia? Have you ventured out and seen anything amazing?

  2. Thank you girl! Cambodia's been great so far. The weather has been lovely and the food keeps me overly stuffed!
    I STIIIIIIL haven't explored as much as I should be lol. But I have some time to check that one off the list lol. Thanks for asking!

  3. I know that before you blogged about getting your camera. Have you been out taking any pics? I was excited to see what things looked like over there...

  4. You know what, i've been HORRIBLE about taking pictures. I bought this big ole expensive camera and I haven't even been using it..ridiculous lol. But I just bought a backpack so i'll be able to take my camera everywhere I go. So be prepared for picture overload!